“This is the best KINECT™ technology I’ve seen in my entire life...”
— Steve Ballmer Co-Founder of Microsoft Owner of LA Clippers on the Lazer by Handle Fitness
Dr. Dish is the best game-like training tool I use with my players.”
— Drew Hanlen NBA Skills Trainer, Pure Sweat Basketball
I was completely blown away by The Lazer™ 900. There’s different sequences for different dribbling moves and tempos. It can be programmable or completely dynamic where you have to react as a player so you can’t just get into a groove and shut your mind off.
— Charles Klask Detroit Pistons Assistant Coach
“Our coaching staff loves using our Dr. Dish machines during workouts and I’ve never seen our players use our shooting machines more than when we upgraded to Dr. Dish.”
— Roy Williams Head Men's Basketball Coach, University of North Carolina