Do players need their own basketball?

Yes.  Each player is required to have their own basketball. We recommend a size 5 for kids up to 11 years old. Size 6 for kids 12 & 13. Size 7 for kids 14 & up. 

Spalding Top Flite 1000 or Molten Basketballs are recommended.

These can be purchased at Team Skyline Sports Ltd. 

6120 2nd St. SE, Calgary, AB T2H 2L8


What is best to wear/bring?

Basketball Shorts

Basketball tank top or sleeveless shirt

Basketball Shoes

Water Bottle


Should they be warm before the session?

We will warm up at the beginning of every session. Players should have all their clothes on, shoes tied, bags put away & be ready to go by the session time.


Does my child's height matter?

Not at all. Basketball is a game for all heights. Being tall does not necessarily mean being good at Basketball. The skill they learn will be transferable whether they grow into playing in the post or playing a guard position. 


Does my child's experience level matter?

No. Basketball is like anything else. It's a set of skills that need to be taught, practiced, evaluated & continued. All levels of ability are welcome.