Our trainers are a group of Elite Athletes/Coaches that are dedicated to helping young athletes. They aim to increase their confidence, show them how to train smarter, mentor them in all ways of life. TRAIN YOUR GAME at MAKIN today and take your talents to the next level! 


David Singleton, Head Elite Basketball Trainer

Coach Dave was a four-year Varsity captain/starter and led the school to their first MAPL league title in school history near his hometown Coatesville, Pennsylvania. Before entering his senior year he committed to High Point University in North Carolina. After two years David transferred to Marquette University in Milwaukee and played for Coach Buzz Williams. David trained, battled against, and learned from some of his teammates that currently play in the NBA such as: Jimmy Butler (Minnesota Timberwolves), Dwight Buycks (Detroit Pistons) and very good friend Jae Crowder (Utah Jazz). Once he finished his collegiate career he was fortunate to have the chance to train with the Philadelphia Sixers, Dallas Mavericks, and Washington Wizards. David played professionally for an international team name Rabat Fus in Casablanca, Morocco in Africa and later migrated to Canada to start a family.

Coach Dave trains players of all ages to master the basketball fundamentals, with an emphasis on shooting, ball handling, confidence, and overall individual skill development in all areas of the game. 


John Smith Jr, Elite Basketball Trainer

Coach John, often described as an elite scorer, hails from Lacey, Washington and currently plays at SAIT Polytechnic. Where, in his first year, he led the team to an ACAC Championship. Averaging a record 35 points in the playoffs and a record 41 point game in the final. He has been recognized as the CCAA player of the week four times throughout his career at SAIT and holds the title as top ten scorers for 2 years in a row. He grew up with a love for the game and has competed against Jamal Crawford(Minnesota Timberwolves) and  Isaiah Thomas(Los Angeles Lakers) even sneaking out a win against both in the ZEKE end Tournament. 

John has been training and coaching kids for 10+ years. He has built his coaching style around shooting fundamentals, ball handling drills, and smart playmaking. John teaches the importance of a strong mental game, which has been a contributing factor in his own success. He pushes his players to recognize their best game, both on and off the court. 


Phil Jaman, Elite Basketball Trainer and Strength and Conditioning

Coach Phil is one of the most positive and passionate people you will meet.  His love for the game of basketball started at a young age and throughout his childhood Phil attended every basketball camp he could and played every sport his school offered, however basketball always held a special place in his heart.  Phil has been a part of a few high caliber teams over the years and has learned what is needed in order to get to the next level.  Phil helped lead his high school team to a Provincial silver medal, and then in College was an ACAC Provincial Champion and CCAA National Bronze Medalist with the Lethbridge Kodiaks.  

Phil spent two years working as a strength and conditioning coach at The Athlete Factory where he worked with athletes in various sports all the way from grassroots to professionals.  He is now combing his knowledge and passion of basketball with athletic performance training in order to deliver an amazing individualized experience to young basketball athletes with big dreams.  Phil prides himself on his precision and attention to detail and says the most rewarding thing for him is helping athletes and personal training clients reach goals they never thought were possible for them.  An important factor for anyone to reach the next level is not just the physical aspect but also the mental toughness required and Phil does a great job at helping athletes develop and progress both physically and mentally. 

“I can’t imagine how much farther I could have gone with basketball in my own career if I had a facility with coaches and programs like this when I was growing up.”    


Kavan Allison, Head Certified High Performance Trainer

Coach Kavan is more of a results trainer/coach than a one method or single protocol type. All of his programs and thoughts are governed by a single principle, "progressive overload." Coach Kavan's thoughts are that if you are not applying any or strong enough stimulus, then there is no progress or no results. He will use any training tool (kettlebells, power lifting, dumbbells,
cross-training, machines, bodybuilding, etc.) to help players achieve their success.

Coach Kavan uses all the proper tools necessary to accomplish BIG results for his clients! He has trained all walks of life, which includes general population to Elite athletes, CFL Professional athletes, younger kids to older adults. One thing remains the same, the pursuit to achieve everyone’s individual needs and goals!

 Over 13 years training clients of all walks of life
 Bachelor of Kinesiology from Acadia University
 BOSU certified
 Huge passion about biomechanics and exercise        physiology

 Strength and Conditioning
 Functional Training
 Fat Loss/Muscle Gain
 Sport Specific Performance Training