Transform your game this summer with the MAKIN HOOPS Alpha Offseason Training program

This is the program that can make it happen!

Our highly structured training schedule bolsters over 5 hours of player development each day, averaging 20 hours per week; enabling athlete’s the ability to maximize their focus and their results. We focus on small group training to enhance the training experience. Our intense training environment creates an intimate, learning conducive setting for you, where skill progression and athlete comprehension is maximized.

All of our coaches on staff have collegiate level development experience or higher. This wealth of experience and knowledge offers you a unique and comprehensive perspective. MAKIN HOOPS staff will focus attention towards footwork recognition, advanced ball control, game simulated conditioning, shot correction, as well as shot development throughout the program.

Become more effective and efficient with the ball! This is not your ordinary camp! We are dedicated to transforming players as long as they are committed and willing to do whatever it takes! So ask yourself, ARE YOU READY TO TRANSFORM?

What a day at Alpha Off-season Training looks like?

Screen Shot 2018-12-26 at 7.12.15 PM.png

How will this program benefit me?

·      Overall confidence will increase

·      Improve quickness, coordination, explosiveness, technique, and strength

·      Basketball IQ and feel for the game will improve

·      Will develop multi position skills

·      Maximizing improvement on weaknesses

·      Shooting consistency and increase range


·      Small Group Training

·      Meal Plan & Nutrition Plan

·      Sports Performance Training

·      Video Analysis

·      Official MAKIN Training Gear

Training Groups:

·      Developmental: (Junior & High) -

·      Alpha: (Junior & High) -  

Required items: Each member must purchase these items

·      Training Booklet (keep track of progress) ($10)

·      Meal Plan (8-week plan)

·      Training Uniform ($$)