We are excited to get the season started and looking forward to the fun, excitement and player development. The festivities begin with the Draft Combine on Friday, September 21st (times below). This will be a fun event for players to come out, have fun, and show their skills! The fall/winter league will start up the week of Monday, September 24th and go to November. We will run for 9 weeks with playoffs. 

To select the players/teams, all players will participate in a one-hour skills and drills session with half court game play as well. We're looking to secure 6 - 8 teams per division or a maximum of 100 players with an assigned MAKIN HOOPS Coach per team. For this combine, during the session the head coaches will perform a private draft so players are selected in a fashion to create roster balanced in skill level and age throughout each division. There will be 4-5 players per team. The Draft Combine is optional for registrants that registered for the league as a team.

The Draft Combine schedule is as follows:

U11-U13 Division (Boys and Girls) = 6:30-7:30
U15-U17 Division (Boys and Girls) = 6:30-7:30

The league games will be played throughout the week with separate divisions playing on selected days. We will organize a weekly schedule for teams once rosters are fully complete. 

  • U11-13 Division will play on Monday's  

  • U15-U17 Division will play on Wednesday's.

  • Adult Division will run Thursday's.

Game details: Players will play two games a night verse two separate opponents. Game time is 30 minutes and whoever has the most points at the end wins. The game will be played with a 12 second shot clock  and free throws will be shot after 6 team fouls. We will send full game rules to registrants and attach it to our website. Click the button below to register!