Terms & Policies


MAKIN HOOPS INC. reserves the right to refuse registration to any player or family member that does not abide by the rules & policies set forth by MAKIN HOOPS, or has not respected the right of other players, coaches & volunteers, or has abused equipment or facilities. 

  1. MAKIN HOOPS INC. reserves the right to ask a player or family to withdraw from the program, without refund, for serious or continuous violations of MAKIN HOOPS policies. 

  2. Basketball fees are non-refundable except in the case of a season ending injury or a doctor's order to refrain from sporting activities.  All requests must be supported in writing and refunds will be made on a prorate basis.

  3. All jewelry & watched are prohibited during the sessions.

  4. Players must wear proper basketball shoes in order participate. No street shoes or jogging shoes.

  5. Players & family members are to respect the facility. No profanity or verbal abuse of a member, a visitor, an official, another player or coach will be tolerated. No climbing on equipment or using spaces that are otherwise reserved. 

  6. Abuse of the bathroom facilities will not be tolerated. Misuse or abuse will result in a member charge & subsequent ban.

  7. MAKIN HOOPS INC. or any of it's employees are not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please ensure you take proper care in securing your valuables. We have lockers available for your use, simply bring your own lock. No overnight storage is permitted in the lockers.